Privacy policy

Jiří Lepka as a personal data administrator informs you as an user of the web site about the below-described process of personal data collection, processing, usage and privacy policy.

Google analytics

The web site contains scripts and cookies of Google Analytics. I use this for the sole purpose of tracking of the site traffic.

You can disable cookies in your web browser.

Social networks

The web site contains social media share buttons. By using them, you are aware that you share the content under your profile on that social network.

The web site uses also the Facebook comments plugin. The purposes of this are as follows:

  • Spam prevention - to prevent spambots from discussing instead of you
  • Moderation - so that we can eliminate comments violating the law, good morals, or rules of decent discussion

By posting your comments, you are aware of the following:

  • You post your comments under your Facebook profile.
  • The comments are public and available to all site visitors including the Facebook profile of their author.
  • The posts are saved on Facebook.

Headhunters and HR

If you are a headhunter or HR professional and you contact me, whether for sending jobs or for other purposes, regardless of the way you contacted me (e-mail, phone, social networks - including connection requests), I will enlist your contact to my statistics. By contacting me, you agree with that.

For what purpose do I collect the data?

Since there are more than 100 of you per year, I would like to have a track, when we were "some time ago" in touch, and to know if there was good cooperation with you.

I don not use these data for sending business announcements or for marketing purposes either.

Who has an access to these data?

Only me, no other person has an access to these data. I don't publish names of people or company names, nor do I pass them on to third parties, except of situations where I want to give positive references.

I publish these data only for statistical purposes in anonymized form so it is impossible to assign them to a particular person or company.

What data do I collect?

  • The date you contacted me
  • Your name
  • The name of the company or personal agency on which behalf you contacted me
  • The way you contacted me
  • Whether you communicate or not, time to your answer
  • Whether you sent me a job offer
  • Whether your job offer was relevant for me and with a salary proposal
  • Whether there was a major issue with you or not

That's all, I don't need more. I will get your contact from online resources.

Right of access to personal data

You can ask me anytime, whether and what data I register for you, it will be my pleasure to provide you your score. Should you find something like "does not communicate," "spam" or "disinformation at the interview" I just set you a mirror.

Right of correction

Should you find that I have inaccurate or incomplete information about you, you can ask me to correct or complete it.

Right of deletion, right to be forgotten

Right of deletion means that you have right to ask me to delete your personal data from my statistics. It will mean, however, that I will terminate a cooperation with you.

With the application of the right to be forgotten it is a little complicated. As a human being I am gifted with a good natural memory and I do not intend to use alcohol or other narcotics or psychotropic substances, nor do I intend to undergo lobotomy, hypnosis or any similar procedure for purposes of forgotten. It is therefore more than likely that I will remember your application of the right of deletion.

How to apply your rights

By contacting me, but preferably in such a way that I can be absolutely sure that it is you who contacted me.

Final provisions

This Privacy Policy is effective from May 25th, 2018.