SkyMon (ex-Siecams)

Austria Satellite broadcasting Research & Development Java Business Intelligence

Since May 2011

Supplier: Atos, formerly Siemens Convergence Creators, Vienna, Austria

Customer: Eutelsat, Arabsat, Avanti Communications, Telekom Indonesia etc.

A system for monitoring of the satellite broadcasting used especially by satellite operators to provide a telecommunication, sat-tv (DVBS-2) and other broadcasting.

The system provides possibility to measure the broadcasting in the real time, to compare nominal and measured values of the broadcasting or to detect and localize interferers. The system consists of the servers performing the measurements and the client with the user interface.

The project was awarded a prize as the first system providing the Carrier ID to identify the broadcaster.

Accomplishments achieved

  • Print/export module - created from scratch, popular among the customers
  • GUI for Blind Scan, Carrier ID, Terrestial interference search and many more
  • Report modules

Press releases

Tags: Siecams

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